Katt Facts

Having lived in three different parts of the country, experienced a lot of what life has to offer and having done a great deal of things I probably shouldn’t have, I like to think that I have “life experience.”

That of course does not mean I actually learn from my historical lessons. Does anyone?

Also, having been informed that it is not likely that my biological bits are young and fresh enough to increase our family member numbers, it seems like a pity to let all that “life experience” go to waste.

Hopefully my written musings will serve as a cautionary tale of “What not to do with your life” and maybe make someone laugh and give up a silent prayer of thanks that you’re not me.

A bit about me…

Well, I’m kind of old but people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m 40 *mumble mumble* and insist I am younger. Someone, please tell that to my ovaries!

Having moved numerous times to various parts of the country, it seems I have finally settled in the awful dump bustling city of Jo’burg, on the southern most part of the African continent, namely South Africa – it’s a very original name that.

A few years ago, after a long time of getting up each other’s noses, my significant other and I got married. I now have a husband who might make an appearance now and then, fondly dubbed The Highlander.

Together we are servants to two dogs, two cats, two birds and fish. I do use the word ‘servants’ as it implies some kind of payment, contrary to the word ‘slaves.’ We do get paid in buckets, with love and laughter.

Oh, and we have a troll my aged mother living in our basement sunroom – I’m sure there will be a blog entry about that series of unfortunate events.

Achievements might include The World’s Worse Housewife (proof would be the ability to grow mold at the bottom of a glass of very stale water), The Job Hopper Extraordinaire (I can’t help that I get bored and annoyed easily), Out The Closet Geek (I’m making up for a childhood I never had and always wanted) and Most Annoying parkrun Volunteer (I’m sure there will be a blog entry about that one day).

So, welcome to my world and my aimless musings.


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